PAIN AND PROSTAGLANDINS antiinflammatory diet back pain back pain relief inflammation low back low back pain relief pain relief prostaglandins Mar 20, 2023


Did you know that a whopping 18%-35% of Americans are dealing with chronic  pain?

That percentage varies, depending on which study you reference.

The worldwide average is around 20%.


I am the first one to acknowledge how fortunate we are to have western medicine, doctors and...

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BACK PAIN ACCOUNTING back pain back pain relief back pain remedy back pain sucks back rehab biopsychosocial causes of low back pain chronic low back pain exercises for spondy holistic back care low back low back pain low back pain relief spondylolisthesis Aug 01, 2022

You can listen to the Retrain Back Pain Podcast recording of this topic here

After reading the subject line of this article, you might be wondering, "What does accounting have to do with back pain and moving the way I love to move?!"

It's is not all about exercise do's and don'ts

Doing some...

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LAUNDRY IS A BITCH chronic back pain disc housework laundry low back low back rehab retrain back pain spondy spondylolisthesis stenosis Jul 14, 2020

Got Laundry?!

Is lockdown over yet?

Laundry can be a bitch if you've got back pain.

Housework done carelessly can be hell for your back

Seriously, doing housework is an olympic athletic endeavor!

Moving around at home is the best time to drop in to a hip hinge and/or squat

Why be dainty?...

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