The Roll Model® Therapy Balls provide targeted self-massage trigger point therapy. Shown here: The Roll Model Starter Kit, which includes all the balls: The air-filled Coregeous ball, the big Alpha, a toted pair of medium-sized Plus balls and a toted pair of the smaller, Classic balls, all contained in a black mesh tote.

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Wear your therapy balls! The Breath Belt is a lumbar/sacroiliac stabilization belt WITH POCKETS for your therapy balls.

You can wear the belt with or without therapy balls.

Wear your BB without balls when you want extra support, like when you travel or when you're feeling fatigued but still need to get through the day

Wear the BB with your therapy balls in front to therapize low abs, iliacus and psoas.

Wear them in the back to therapize spinal erectors, thoracolumbar fascia and quadratus lumborum.

The belt is heavy duty, double construction that creates support for rehabilitating back musculature. Wearing the Breath Belt relieves tension, corrects "rib flare", improves diaphragmatic breathing and activates the glutes.

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This is truly next-level health science for your skin, designed from the inside out, combining nutraceutical with cosmeceutical science to create truly transformative results for you skin while also benefiting your overall health. Win win win.

This isn't your average face cream kit, these are medical-grade products, produced in a biotech facility outside of Florence, that mirror the body's own chemistry and biology.

The Skin Method includes the only skin care products you really need and is comprised of four clean, clinically-proven, dermatologically tested, vegan-friendly products: The Skin Biotic, The Gentle Cleanser, The Power Serum and The Active Cream.

The Skin Biotic is a packet of anti-inflammatory probiotic powder that you mix in water as soon as you wake up. It's comprised of three balanced probiotic strains developed to support lyour body's natural microbiome as well as your skin microbiome.  It's developed to enhance your skin by reducing redness and inflammation (bonus!in! it's also going to help with inflammation everywhere else too of course!)

The Power Serum contains next-generation biomimetic hyalauronic acid and triglycerides, ectoin (an amino acid derivative with skin-healing properties), and organic mandarin water. It's permeating multiple layers of your skin and creating an enriched protective skin barrier. It hydrates, enhances elasticity, reduces wrinkle depth and improves your skin texture.

Like the serum, The Active Cream can also be used on your lips and your senstive eye skin. It is instantly absorbed to enhance elasticity, firmness and smoothn ess while protecting and fortifying your skin's barrier and creating a luminous glow.

Finally, the Gentle Cleanser is a purifying and protective cleanser that balances, calms and refreshes your skin, leaving a hydrated canvas that works seamlessly with the other AWvi formulas. It removes impurities and excess oil and fortifies your skin's natural defenses.

ADAPT NATURALS OMEGA+ with Curcumin and Black Seed

ADAPT NATURAL OMEGA+ with Curcumin and Black Seed R

This is the most effective supplement I've ever taken!

I love omega 3's for inflammation, and I am a huge nigella sativa/black seed fan. You probably already know about the benefits of turmeric/curcumin.

Here's what makes this particular supplement extra special:

It contains about 1 full gram of the highest quality fish oil on the market (510 mg of EPA and 330 mg of DHA). It exceeds the most stringent international standards (e.g. IFOS, GOED) for purity and freshness, with extremely low levels of peroxides, heavy metals, dioxins, and PCBs and it's certified by Friend of the Sea and MarinTrust.

Most curcumin supplements have extremely low bioavailability but Bio-Avail Omega+ contains 500 mg of Novasol™ curcumin, a patented form that is 185 times more bioavailable than standard curcumin preparations. This means far greater absorption and far more benefits.

Black seed oil (BSO) comes from the Nigella sativa plant. It has a wide range of healing properties, from balancing immune function to reducing symptoms of allergies to supporting metabolic and heart health. Bio-Avail Omega+ features ThymoQuin™, a unique form of BSO with high bioavailbility, 3% thymoquinone, and low free fatty acid content. This ensures that you get the full health benefits of black seed oil without any of the downsides.

  • Reduce post-exercise inflammation
  • Maintain normal weight, blood sugar and cholesterol
  • Improve your focus, memory and mood
  • Balance your immune response

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Retrain Back Pain® empowers you to confidently prevent, relieve and manage your low back pain with ease.

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