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After reading the subject line of this article, you might be wondering, "What does accounting have to do with back pain and moving the way I love to move?!"

It's is not all about exercise do's and don'ts

Doing some groundwork on your lifestyle accounting ledger will provide you with tons of invaluable insights that will help you feel better, faster - whether it's for your back, for another injury, for your mental health, or for your business goals, this technique can be applied in many ways!

This type of mindful engagement activity is often missing from traditional physical therapy.

For our purposes, we're going to call this Back Pain Accounting.

Much like balancing your checkbook but in this case, your lens isn't focused on your money, it's focused on your health.

Every single thing you you do and see in a day, week or month adds or subtracts from your health account.

Every single thing you do is either helping or hurting, nourishing or depleting.



  • Nourishing Activities help you to heal, stabilize, strengthen and maintain optimal spine hygiene
  • Depleting Activities steal your energy, impede your healing, compromise your sanity, immunity and general well-being.



How long have you been sitting in that chair?

+ or - ?

How much water have you consumed today?

+ or - ?

Have you exercised today?

Was it a net positive + or a net negative -?


Another example is that you may have a kick ass physical therapy or gym practice, but if you’re moving around mindlessly all day everyday, taking your body for granted, chances are that your back pain is going to be sticking around for longer than necessary.



The concept of Back pain Accounting works pretty simply:

Do more of those things that nourish you and engage in fewer of those things that deplete you.

This is a solid operating manual for Healthy Living AND it will get you back to moving the way you love to move as quickly as possible.


1. Start by reflecting and then evaluating your daily life habits

2. Look at all the different aspects of your life. Assess which of those activities, people and habits are helping you heal or stressing you out (i.e., getting in the way of your recovery)

2. Take out a piece of paper, fold it in half lengthwise

4. Title your left column NOURISHING. Title your right column, DEPLETING

5. In your Nourishing column, jot down all of the activities, people, hobbies, etc. that you can think of that have a positive impact on your well-being

6. In your Depleting column, write down anything which isn't serving you, needs revamping or needs to go away because it's draining the life out of you your healing ramp up as you feed your mind, body and soul more of the Nourishing activities and fewer of the Depleting activities!

Hint: It only works if you actually take the time to write stuff down, just thinking about it isn't the same, you've got to feel it in your bones and then see it on paper!


Is this helpful?

Let me know how it goes!

With love, Dinneen