back pain back pain relief home office posture retrain back pain standing desk work from home Aug 06, 2020

Sit? Stand? Kneel? Recline?

What IS the best position when working from home?

The answer is ALL of them!

The best position is really “the next position”



Try standing in the morning, sitting for lunch, half-kneeling after lunch and reclining towards the end of day.


Take plenty of movement breaks and avoid staying stuck in any one position for too long. When you sit at your desk for long periods your hip flexors tighten, shoulders slump, head hangs forward, compromising your spine, straining your eyes and dampening your ability to concentrate.

I try to step away from my desk every 20 minutes for a stretch, a walk, or to do some small task at home (like water the plants or refill my water bottle)

For this photo, I’m testing out the fabulous sit-stand desk at my neighbor's apartment (I like it a lot!)

At home I just use a box up on my dresser.

I find that wearing my sneakers or crocs reduces standing fatigue.

Also, did you know that using a cookie pan under a lap desk will reduce electromagnetic radiation and heat from your laptop?

How about you? Any tips, tricks or advice about good working from home habits?

Yours in health, Dinneen

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