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There's lots to be grateful for having gotten this far in a well-lived life!

Besides irreplaceable experiences and new friendships, many of the adventures, travels and sports you've enjoyed over the years may have also resulted in a few injuries. Am I right?

If you feel like you’re in a perpetual state of injury management, you are not alone.

If at least one of your injuries is complex or persistent, it may be difficult to see the proverbial forest through the trees. There are so many variables involved with rehabbing, it is hard to know where to start. Not only that but it can be even more challenging to know how to proceed if your first few efforts aren’t productive.

This is where you might get stuck.


What’s missing from many rehab programs, particularly where it concerns the back, is the mindset piece.

Before you roll your eyes: I know full-well what an obnoxious buzzword mindset has become these days, but... MINDSET really does encapsulate the operating instructions for how literally everything else goes - including how you will react and if/when you will recover.

I often tell my clients that back rehab is the art and craft of trial and error

Here's the thing though: You already know that you are enormously influenced by the beliefs and stories you carry around with you from your environment and your childhood. What’s more...you’re also heavily influenced by what you've been told by your doctors too. The good, the bad and the ugly.

All of these things (and more) informs your perception of fact-based reality….

Which then forms the basis of your habitual thought patterns…

Which then determines which actions you do or do not take regarding your injury or back pain.

This is why the Retrain Back Pain program integrates three core elements; retraining not only how you MOVE but also how you THINK and EAT. Needless to say, there’s a lot wrapped up in each of those segments but for now we're looking specifically at tweaking how we think and how we process things.

When I work one-to-one with clients I always start by hearing the story. Embedded in this narration is the subtext of their belief system.

And we can change our beliefs right?? We may not want to ;) but we can.

Perhaps you've not given much thought to how your beliefs and perceptions are influencing your injury and pain levels but your mental-emotional conditioning has a huge impact on your rehab and injury recovery journey.


Let’s start here: How do you feel about ASKING FOR HELP?!

It's a doozy of a question, I know, but uncovering your big feelings around this relatively simple question might reveal why you’ve been stuck with an injury for longer than you’d like. Figuring that part out just might help get you out of pain faster.

ACTION ACTIVITY #1: Complete this phrase: "Asking for help makes me feel ____, ____ and ____"

In order to evolve out of your your stuckness, can you make a conscious choice to think about asking for help differently? Can you see another way? From there can you imagine how changing this one thought relationship might help you to approach things (i.e., your injury rehab) differently?

ACTION ACTIVITY #2: Do something different for your injured bits than you’ve been doing! Just pick one thing to change up this week.

ACTION ACTIVITY #3: If you still feel stuck, drop me an email and I'll try to help unstuck you and point you in the right direction.

Yours truly,


p.s. I relish hearing what you discover so don't be shy about emailing me to let me know that you're actually engaging in these suggested Action Activities. I want to support and acknowledge you for any potential new progress :)