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Have you ever had an ache or a pain that wouldn't go away? Or when it does, it seems to reappear in a different part of the body? Sometimes it hops from one side of the body to the other.

One of the issues I see with current back pain treatment is that it's largely "mechanistic", going after the broken bits and bobs with a "fix it" approach and all but ignoring the other bodily systems that might be involved.

On the hierarchy of control, your nervous system ranks higher than your muscular system.

Your limbic system, which is part of your nervous system, refers to a cluster of structures in the brain near the thalamus which control your behavioral and emotional responses to pain.

Here's the thing: When you experience noxious stimulus, your limbic system gets activated.

More than 60% of the pain you experience is from your limbic system.

Contrary to popular belief, the amount of pain you experience is not an indicator to the amount of damage in our body, but rather, your pain tolerance is mostly determined by how much your limbic system lights up.

This is why THINK mindset and breathing practices are at the very top of Retrain Back Pain practices!

Practice mastering the perceptive, emotional and cognitive skills for optimal "limbic agility" - because THAT determines everything else you do!

Cool, right?