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How can you stop your back from hurting if you can’t stop hurting your back?


The number one way to stop your back from hurting is to stop hurting your back.

I don't mean to sound smug, but you know, sometimes the simplest things can have really profound effects

I catch many of my clients saying things like, "I know I shouldn't sit so much" or "I need to strengthen my core" or some other tidbit of long-held knowledge that they've been sitting on but not taking action on.

Have you identified movements or activities that aggravate your symptoms?

Once you figure out what's contributing to your back pain, take action!


Even if you have the best physical therapy program in the world, if your daily movement patterns keep aggravating your back then it’s going to remain cranky and uncomfortable.


So start paying attention right now to which movements are stressing your system, and plan to remove those aggravants for a while while you repair, recover and get stronger.

I am not suggesting that you remove this or that movement from your life "forever".

What I am saying is that the pain in your back is not much different than hurting your ankle or elbow: Plan to take extra a little extra care with it the first few days and start looking around for a team that can help you get back to moving the way you love to move.

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