back pain back rehab bulging disc degenerated disc glutes herniated disc hip hinge hips posture spondy spondylolisthesis squat stenosis Sep 10, 2020
  • For anyone rehabbing back pain, the hip hinge is without a doubt one of the top movements to master!

  • The hinge, when done well, drives flexion and extension through your mighty glute muscles, sparing your back.

    When you think about it, you probably hinge about 100 times a day....moving from sitting to standing, getting off the toilet, etc. So you may as well get this one right!!

    The range that I’m demoing in this photo requires low to moderate erector activation, but when you hinge lower and when your torso moves closer to the ground (as in “good mornings”) it becomes more of a strengthener for your back muscles, as well as your glutes and hamstrings. We call this the “Posterior Chain”.


    I challenge you to hip hinge with integrity for the rest of today!

    Think before you move 👉🏼 15% Ab Brace, shins nearly perpendicular, weight in your bum, “push through your tush”

    I want to hear all about what you discover!

    😘 ~Dinneen