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I'm excited to be back at YogaWorks teaching Yoga Tune Up® for Self-Care classes.

Join me Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:15 to 3:30 at YogaWorks Soho

It's 75 minutes! We've been kevetching about the 60 minute format for quite some time so I hope you can come enjoy our new 75 minute tune up time.


Now...about those reviews! As teachers, sometimes it feels like we teach in a vacuum.

We show up, we do our best, we go home and then we wake up and do it again the next day often without ever knowing if our teaching is reaching it's intended audience with the intended effect.

Recently, on a Facebook group post I learned from my YTU colleague, Macklen Mayse, that you can view your own Classpass reviews.

Naturally, I was curious about what first-timers have to say about my Yoga Tune Up for Self-Care class so I looked em up and here they are:

"Such a lovely teacher and this is an excellent way to bring back some balance to your body! Not so much yoga, more physiotherapy that your muscles will thank you for!"

"This class is going to become at least a monthly requirement for me to find balance with my body. Dinneen is technical, knowledgeable and very accommodating to the needs of her class. More of these classes at night would be ideal for those of us unable to attend mid-day"

"Rollout all the nooks and crannies and feel like a brand new person in one hour flat, a favorite"

"This was a great recovery class taught by an awesome instructor. She was hilarious but also very attentive and helpful."

"Really helpful in deeply stretching out tight muscles"

"Definitely not a yoga class in the traditional sense but what an amazing class and a welcoming and knowledgeable instructor. I left the class feeling like my best self"

"THIS WAS THE BEST CLASSPASS CLASS I EVER TOOK! seriously wanting to come back here. Not only did my mental stress fade but my entire body became less stressed. The tune up class was basically massaging yourself with these balls and it was so amazing and much needed. Dinneen is amazing, knowledgable, and tells interesting and useful stories while we massage. This is my first good review on classpass. I'm so happy with Dinneen and this class!!!!!"

"Thanks to Dineen, I learned some things I can do on my own to help keep me joints and muscles looser."

"The class was unique and effective. Very good instructor. Very professional."

"So awesome"

"This particular teacher is knowledgable, interactive and has a super personality."

"This is the greatest class ever!!!"

"The full body class was the best tune up class I've taken!"

"Great class"

"Great instructor"

"I forgot my gym clothes at my house and the teacher LITRILLY gave me the shirt off of her back and taught the class in her sports top. Amazing. Also felt really good after class."

"Loved it!"

"Great teacher! Wonderful class!"

"Very knowledgable"

"Less of a traditional yoga class and more of a body awareness, stretching, muscle release class"

"Comfortable atmosphere, creative teacher, homey studio."


There were two reviews that were meh: In one the reviewer wished she was in vinyasa and in the other we didn't get to the body part she was hoping for, so I took the liberty of leaving those middling ones off. I also made a few spelling corrections except for the review with "LITRILLY" because that one's just too cute ;)

My friends, my hope is that if you've been on the fence about whether or not to haul your butt to my classes in Soho that these wonderful reviews motivate you to come tune up with me.

My classes are fun, interactive and educational. If you're looking for Retrain Back Pain classes, you won't be disappointed; there's a little of that in there too.

Email me for a guest pass!

xo~ Dinneen


Yoga Tune Up® for Self-Care at YogaWorks Soho