back rehab exercises for spondy low back pain relief retrain back pain spondy spondy exercises spondylolisthesis yoga for back pain Nov 14, 2021

Will you just LOOK at all that cool stuff that's in there with your spine!!

Isn't it fascinating?!

I love how this image clearly demonstrates how everything affects your back.

If everything affects your back and you've got back pain, then you need a whole-person solution.

THIS is precisely what’s different about Retrain Back Pain.

Just doing “this one stretch” or religiously doing “three exercises” is NOT the way to optimal healing.

Sure, the stretch and the exercises are part of the solution…

…but so is your breathing, your posture, how you move, how you rest, your nutrition, your scars, plus the impact of all of your beliefs and biases about pain, injury, healing and recovery!

We want to talk about your nutrition (like how many cookies you ate yesterday, how much wine you’re drinking, if you eat vegetables, how much water you’re consuming, etc)

You can clearly see from this CT scan that what you put in the inside has a profound effect on your spine, your inflammation, (and this will influence how readily your body can heal from stress and injury)

You’ve got to get smart about how your liver, your kidneys, stomach, your colon, i.e., how EVERYTHING affects everything…

in this case, how everything is affecting your back pain!

⁉️ How can we NOT look at ALL of factors impacting ALL the physiological real estate in and around your spine?!

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