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a.k.a. “The Farmers Carry”

👉🏼 Loading the spine means adding weight to the head or shoulders

👉🏼Carrying weight this way loads the shoulders, which then load the spine

👉🏼It teaches your postural muscles how to resist collapsing, thereby fortifying your supporting back and core muscles

👉🏼 It’s a good way to improve your grip strength too

👉🏼 Axial loading is necessary to prevent #osteopenia and #osteoporosis !

👉🏼It’s WAY mo better to proactively prevent bone loss than to treat it; once you’ve got it your options aren’t great

👉🏼You can practice Farmers Carries at home with big laundry detergent containers or grab a backpack full of books

👉🏼Asymmetrical, one-sided carries are great too

👉🏼Walk slowly, keeping core stiff, ribs down, neutral spine and pelvis

👉🏼 Focus on your gait/foot strike/hip extension

🗽New Yorkers do this every time we walk home with groceries, don’t we?

❓How often do you load your spine❓Will you add this to your daily practice❓

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