If you’re the type of person that prefers holistic, non-toxic protocols before taking prescription drugs and considering surgery then you’re in the right place.

Retrain Back Pain® is a coaching and education program with the singular goal of empowering you to take the best care of yourself possible. I want to help you to learn more about your body and to better understand your injuries. I can show you how thinking, moving, eating and living differently can completely change your experience of pain.

My goal for my clients is to maximize self-efficacy, which means that I want to help you become your own best body boss.

Most doctors, clinicians and therapists are highly-educated specialists. They are phenomenal at their specialization but this may also mean that they aren't so well-versed in understanding or being able to combine other specialized treatments for your long-term recovery plan.

I will help you to identify symptom aggravants and I will provide you with effective tools from diverse disciplines (pain science, mindfulness, stress reduction, breathing, tapping, posture, daily living, nutrition, hydration, therapeutic self-massage, neuromuscular assessment, stretching, movement, strength training, recovery...) so that together we can figure out how to get you moving confidently again!

This program was created from from my own driving need to find a better way to think, eat, move and deal with recurring back pain. Retrain Back Pain® is the confluence of over 23 years of continuing education with a variety of healing modalities and it incorporates best practices from some of the greatest movement mavens, doctors and nutritionists from around the world.


I’m wise, witty, fun, fearless and fifty-two. I’m a dedicated wife, a loving mother and a loyal friend.

I bike, I lift weights, I roll on balls and I'm also an excellent plant-strong nutrition counselor and cook. I try to get to the beach or as close to the water as possible as often as I can.

I am a voracious non-discriminatory student of “that which heals”. This ensures that I’m always learning and improving, neither complacent nor attached to the knowledge or the ways that I already hold as true.

I am honored and delighted to be celebrated as “a teacher of teachers” to my fellow colleagues.


Everyone has a story about how or why their back pain came about. This lens through which we see our dis-ease is important and sometimes it offers insight as to our best way out.

Keeping it short and sweet, my own story sounds like this: I worked very hard for ten years in a high-stress corporate job, switched to teaching yoga, lost both my parents, lost strength, got too flexible, got married, became a nutrition counselor and health coach, got pregnant, hurt my back, got pissed off at feeling so disempowered and lame, discovered and trained in Yoga Tune Up Fitness®, then NeuroKinetic Therapy, the McGill BackFit Pro Method then Retrain Back Pain®.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with three degenerated discs, L4 and L5 herniations, two scolioses, and a grade 1-2 spondylolisthesis. At least that's what my scans showed, so that's what I chased for years. What didn't show up on the radiology report and what none of the doctors, therapists or clinicians told me is that I also had three endplate fractures, pars fractures, significant facet joint inflammation and right-side sacroiliac joint compression. Despite not being part of my diagnosis, these conditions were actually why I was experiencing pain that would not go away. Although I am not a trained radiologist, these conditions are not difficult to see on my images. Sometimes radiologists just aren't trained to look for such subtle pathologies, since most are looking for the the most common culprits for low back pain.

See my article "How Not To Become a VOMIT"

The doctors and clinicians I consulted with in New York City over the better part of two years all had vastly different opinions on my situation, all of them dire and dreadful. Not one of them gave me any hope of recovery nor offered me any tools to help myself at home.

I felt isolated and hopeless and, as a lifelong movement pro, I was also angry and disappointed that I couldn't "fix myself".

So I vowed to "find a better way". I started studying hard and through my studies, I found, practiced and tweaked several therapeutic practice combinations which reduced the pain enough for me to start moving again. This gave me enough confidence to start exercising therapeutically with the goal of gaining functional strength and spinal stability.

These days I almost never feel back pain. I move well, I move often and I move freely, without hesitation, with strength and confidence. This, despite also experiencing significant knee, ankle, sacroiliac joint, wrist and shoulder injuries. I swim, bike, deadlift, HIIT, dance and yes, I even do housework (as little as I can get away with!)

My clients report feeling 30-75% better within the first three to five sessions.

If they don't, I refer them out to other qualified professionals who may be able to help them better than I can. I have an amazing referral network!

I want to share everything I know so you can feel like yourself again.

So...are you ready to RETRAIN FOR YOUR LIFE?


"NO MORE BACK PAIN! I've waited a long time to find a professional like Dinneen! I started working with Dinneen for my back pain, but we didn't start on my back, she started at my fallen arches, then we worked on the valgus knees and now we're unwinding some crazy sacroiliac dysfunctions. Even the back "work" that we've done is unlike anything I've done in 6 years in and out of physical therapy. I feel like a whole new person. I am much more aware of how I move, sit, stand and run. Yes, I am running again! Dinneen is very experienced, very professional, and very easy to work with. Her understanding of anatomy informs her keen eye in assessing dysfunctional movement patterns and restoring movement is an organic and ingenious way."

Non-Profit Executive Director–NYC

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I am not a doctor. I do not claim to be a doctor. If you are in grave pain or having difficulty breathing, call your doctor or go to an urgent care facility immediately.

Retrain Back Pain® empowers you to confidently prevent, relieve and manage your low back pain with ease.

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