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Back Rehab Boss


Here's what you'll learn in this online course:

  • What's really going on with your back?
  • How your senses, perceptions, experiences, beliefs and mental habits are holding you back from living pain-free
  • Better body mechanics and optimal spine hygiene for everyday living
  • Easy ways to improve your posture so that you can sit, stand, sleep and lift pain-free
  • How to create your own action map to keep your recovery moving forward
  • How to identify and remove your pain triggers
  • Food, hydration and other lifestyle tips to speed your body's natural healing 
  • How your failure to breathe effectively is negatively affecting your back and hindering your recovery and what you can do to fix it
  • Why ignoring your stress is a recipe for disaster
  • Creative ways to massage yourself anytime, anywhere for unparalleled pain and stress relief  
  • Basic therapeutic exercises to mix and match for short, effective back pain prevention
  • How Retrain Back PainĀ® Individualized Coaching can catapult your recovery plan so that you recover quicker
  • How to connect to and enjoy support from the RBP Community

You'll learn that this is a whole new way to retrain back pain: It's integrated, holistic, collaborative and empowering. And you won't want to stop learning about it!